Camera equipment to shoot wildlife.  Nature Photography.  Ryan Morgan Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Photography Equipment

My first 35 mm SLR camera was a Nikon F90x. I was so fond of this film based SLR that I didnít have the courage, nor desire to part with it. I still own my F90x, although it currently serves only as a sentimental treasure (I do have plans for it in the future when I start to develope my own black and white prints).

Today, I shoot with Nikonís D700. I have used this camera since September 2008 and I have no complaints with the way the camera functions or the quality of the images.

My lenses include the following: Nikkor 24-70 (f/2.8), Nikkor VR 70-200 mm (f/2.8), Nikkor VR 200-400 mm (f/4), Nikkor 105 mm Micro (f/2.8), and Nikkor 28 mm (f/2.8).

In addition to these lenses, I carry a Nikon 1.7x teleconverter, an assortment of Singh-Ray lens filters (warming polarizer and neutral density filters), a Gitzo carbon fiber tripod (GT3532lS) with a Wimberley Gimbal style head and a Manfrotto monopod (680B0) with a Manfrotto tilting head.

I manage to fit all of this gear into a Lowepro Nature trekker AW II backpack camera bag.